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Intro to ONgDB Cloud


ONgDB Cloud is a secure, scalable, and open-source way to build and deploy graph applications in the cloud.

ONgDB Cloud includes access to the ONgDB Cloud Console where users can launch, quickly access, monitor, and manage their graph database instances.

What is the ONgDB Cloud Console?

ONgDB Cloud provides services to launch, access, manage, and monitor your organization's graph database instances via the ONgDB Cloud interface.

The Cloud Console is an entry to launch and manage graph databases. By accessing the Cloud Console, you'll be able to quickly deploy, access, monitor, and visualize your organization's graph database instances.

ONgDB Cloud also offers built-in developer tools for monitoring, plugin installation, initializing VPC peering, managing payment methods, cost exploration, and more.


The Cloud Console offers five deployment configuration presets that include the most common deployment configurations. All deployments launch resources in a dedicated VPC, per region of your organization.

Deployment configurations can be modified directly through the cloud console. For more information check out Launch.


Access and manage deployed graph databases through Graph DBs.


Manage and view information about database grids, instances, and global deployment visualizations via Global Control.


Install marketplace or custom plugins to expand the database capabilities.


Use built-in developer features like Logs and Monitoring to check the status of your database instances.


Monitor and initialize VPC peering right through the Cloud Console.

Manage Costs and Billing

View billing history, manage payments and more.

Cost Explorer

Use the built-in Cost Explorer to estimate the cost of different deployment configurations.